Healthy Eating In the Office

So you can’t exercise with your 50-60 hour work week. Understandable, but you can still offset lack of exercise with healthy eating. The best strategy for healthy eating in the office is to buy your own groceries and try to buy readymade foods (that is foods that require no preparation and have a long shelf life.) Also you may find it’s what you ‘don’t eat’ as opposed to what you ‘do eat’ that is the bigger challenge.

  1. Easy on the coffee – Starting with the hardest tip first, chances are you really do not need a more than two cups of coffee a day. When you do have coffee, try to hold back on sugar and instead use a natural sweetener like stevia or blue agave nectar. Sugar goes right to your blood stream and leads to crashes. Your body has to use a lot of its energy digesting sugar (particularly the kind in packets) and you are better off focusing that energy into your work.
  2. Ready-to-eat vegetables are your friend – Fibrous vegetables like celery stalks and carrots are typically ready to eat right off the shelf. These foods are loaded with fiber so you feel full after eating them. They are also rich in all sorts of vitamins and micronutrients and can be eaten with a variety of dips. Not to mention, they are fun to share!
  3. Drink a lot of water – Arguably the best tip on this list. Always try to stay hydrated. You will find that if you feel lethargic or not 100%, you are dehydrated. The cheat for water, to give it better taste and to add electrolytes to keep you going, is to put a few slices of lemon or lime in it.
  4. Good Fats – Almonds are full of every good fat you can imagine. They are also packed with protein making them an ideal snack. Cashews also fall into this category as well as other nuts. Many people have an intolerance to peanuts so avoid those, but find a nut that is right for you. As a precaution, ask your coworkers if they have any nut allergies as you do not want to accidentally cause a breakout or reaction. Seeds also fit the criteria of a readymade food that is packed with good fats and protein. But be careful with pumpkin seeds as they are nature’s sleep aid and you do not want to doze off in the office!
  5. Fruit – Apples, oranges and bananas, are all readymade. They are all nutritious and easy to store or carry. Fruits provide natural carbohydrates and sugar to keep you going. Feeling sluggish around 3pm? Have a glass of water or a fruit. You’ll feel much better and it will not add any bad calories to your daily food intake.

Healthy eating in the office is not out of the question. A lot of foods you can bring require little to no preparation. This saves time and doesn’t take up the already tough real estate of your commuter bag.

Patrick Coughlin is a Marketing Analyst at Consultants 2 Go.