Happy Father’s Day

This weekend is special for the husbands, dads, grandfathers, and other exceptional men in our lives.  Father’s Day is a day to recognize and give thanks for the tremendous influence these individuals have on our everyday existence.  If you are a last-minute shopper like many of us, you may be spending your weekend running around trying to find that perfect gift.  Whether he is into sports, technology, barbequing, or even dancing, there are many great gift ideas to consider and you can find some of them on JustMeans.com.  Below are a few last minute suggestions that are sure to show your appreciation for the special men in your life!

1.  Going green.  Tablets, such as an iPad or Kindle, are great ways to reduce paper waste from books, newspapers, and magazines.  Not only do they help the environment but they also will let dad conveniently stay up to date with the news and his favorite books, as well as staying connected with his work.  Tablets especially come in handy if he is always on the go or is a frequent traveler.

2. Golf lessons.  All golfers welcome the opportunity to refine and improve their skills. Giving dad a gift certificate for a few golf lessons is a terrific way for him to disconnect from the craziness of the real world, get some fresh air and improve in a sport he loves. 

3. Dance lessons.  Does your man like to dance?  Maybe he could use a few lessons?  Dance lessons are a great way to spend time together, share a few laughs, and exercise all at the same time.  Check out your local dance studio, they often offer special packages and discount rates.

4. Master of the grill.  If your dad loves to be by the grill during the summer, maybe some new BBQ tools is the way to go.  But don’t stop there.  Now it is your turn to serve dad his favorite food while he relaxes, enjoys your company together while creating new memories.

5.  Take him out to the ball game.  What a great way to spend the day enjoying his company.  He might have taken you to your first game as a kid, this time you treat.  Load him up with all essentials that go along with a ball game; peanuts, hot dogs, a cold drink and hopefully a winning team.

However you decide to spend your day with all of the special men in your life, be sure to thank them for the influence they have had on you over the years and all they continue to do for you.  Gifts are just a small way to show how much you appreciate them.  Enjoy this day with your families!

This week’s blog was written by Caroline Ryder. Caroline is a Marketing Analyst with C2G Resourcing, a subsidiary of Consultants 2 Go, LLC.