Giving Thanks To Our “Fans”

Each year, in November, we, at C2G, express our thanks to all the people and companies that have helped us to be successful.  After fourteen years in business, we are thankful that we are still going strong, have an amazing team, new business partners and customers, and supportive family and friends.   We want you to know that we appreciate you.

  • Our Customers: We said it before and we will say it again.  You are more than clients – you are our customers.  You trust us to fill your most pressing business needs, knowing that we will give you the best people resources to turn your challenges into wins.  We appreciate you and look forward to building on our current relationships in the future.  Thank You.
  • Our Team: To our leadership team, our core team, our employees who represent C2G in the companies in which they work, thank you.  We always get kudos on having amazing people—and people are our business—so congratulations on keeping every customer and employee happy.  It’s a tough job and you are the right people for that job. You deliver on our values of integrity, collaboration, flexibility, and results and customer driven.  Thank You.
  • Our Advisory Board: This year, a chapter is coming to an end with our current advisory board as we look to understand how best we can serve each other in the coming years as we enter a new growth phase.  You volunteered your time to give us solid strategic advice.  You opened your rolodex to us.  You attended our quarterly meetings. You continually gave to us and we hope we made you proud. Thank you.
  • Our Peer Networking Groups: C2G belongs to several peer networking groups and we value all of them.  You have contributed tremendously to our knowledge base by sharing your experiences and expertise with us. We know you are a safe place to be ourselves as whatever we share is confidential.  You are our other set of advisory boards.  To the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO), Committee of 200, National Association of Women Business Owners – NYC Chapter, and IWEC, we thank you.  We appreciate the time you take each month to meet with us and share the journey of being an entrepreneur.  Thank you.
  • Our Family and Friends: What more can we say!  You might be last on this list, but not the least.  You give us the freedom to be our most spectacular selves.  Yes, you remind us that there are pleasures in life besides business.  You only mumble when we miss a birthday.  You tolerate our conference calls in the car or not being fully “present” during soccer games. You give us marketing real estate on your social media pages because that’s the only way we know what’s going on in life!  Thank you.

We try to show our appreciation and love for all the above constituencies during the year.  If we did not accomplish that, allow us to now take this time to honor you.  You are loved.  Not one of you can get by without the other.  You are the glue for C2G.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday season!