Give Your Business a Fall Face Lift

Summer has officially come to a close but, fortunately, with every ending comes a new beginning. Fall is opportune for re-evaluating your methods and getting back in touch with your customers. It is also a great time to consider the “face” of your business and re-focus your marketing strategies. Give your business an edge by considering the following tips to power market your business for the Fall season.

Update Website and Social Media – Fall presents the perfect opportunity to begin prepping for the upcoming New Year as well as working out any problems.

  • Update your website and social media with the latest information regarding your business. You may even find that your company would benefit from a complete web facelift, and now is the time to finally make that happen.
  • Take a deep look into the amount of web traffic passing through the different pages of your site… are there any issues with usage? Is the amount of traffic above or below expectation? Use this information to determine the best steps to take in updating your database.
  • Also, monitor your social media channels. Find out what your audience is saying about your company’s products and services. Use this information to update your web and social media content to better appeal to current interests.
  • Make an attempt to engage with your customer base online and answer any questions that they may have. This is a great way to extend your reach as well as build your company brand.

Broaden Your Base – In addition to social media, email marketing is a beneficial tool with the potential to greatly increase your customer base. Utilize email marketing to ask your customers for their feedback on current business processes. Were they happy with their experience? Would they change anything? Were expectations fully met? Asking these questions not only gives you a greater grasp on issues that need to be addressed, but also lets your customers know that they are appreciated. Fine tune your messages with this feedback in mind. Re-engage current customers with up-to-date content that will reconnect your current audience with your business. Always include links in your emails to reports or a FAQ document containing information on what your business has achieved.

Re-Assess Your Goals – Fall is the final chance for your business to reach its year-end goals. Adequate planning is crucial this time of the year; now is the perfect time to gain an adequate understanding of your customers, their wants, and expectations. Work with your team to come up with a new integrated marketing plan. Assess what has worked in the past, but think about what you’d want to incorporate for the future. Discuss your goals for the upcoming year and take the steps to lay out the necessary foundation.

This Fall is the perfect opportunity to revamp your business and finally give it that lift it’s needed as we move toward the New Year. Reach out to your customers and gather some feedback. This will ensure that, moving forward, you are both on the same page and with an even better understanding of one another.


Jennie Moussa is a Marketing Intern at C2G and student at NJIT.