Five Tips to Follow When Preparing for A Job Interview

It’s time to add another overwhelming task to your already stressful life – a job interview.  Why are you nervous?  You are nervous because doing well in the process is all up to you. Interviewing is likened to a sport or skill where practice makes perfect. Being mindful of these five tips for preparing for a job interview will help make the process seamless.

  1. Practice Posture. Today, we look down while texting, slouch on the couch when watching TV, and hump over a computer all day in the work place.  Our postures have become increasingly poor. Instead of signing up for a Yoga class, just take a few minutes to sit straight up, with your shoulders back. Good posture will improve your interviewing skills. Learning to keep good posture in tandem with maintaining eye contact shows the signs of a confident person and a confident future employee.
  1. Practice Questions. Know what you want to ask. An interview is two people engaging in a conversation so be prepared to ask questions. Practice how you word and say your questions. You do not want a conceited or sarcastic tone. When you think you have plenty of questions, come up with more. Again practice how you say these questions, as you want to demonstrate genuine interest and sincerity.
  1. Practice Your Answers. Not only should you practice your questions, but also you should practice your answers. Utilize your resources and Google “Commonly Asked Job Interview Questions” to get an idea of what an interviewer might ask you. Read each link, as while questions will overlap, each link will have different questions to offer. With practice, aim for a nonchalant delivery. You should be prepared to answer as many questions as possible, but be sincere when you don’t know an answer – don’t try to fake it.
  1. Practice Punctuality. Be early or on time, but never late. Check out the location of your interview well ahead of time. Figure out traffic patterns (there’s an app for it), where to park and the floor in the building. The more details you know about where you’re going the better you will be when you travel there. Then schedule your day so that you have plenty of time to get to your interview destination.
  1. Keep An Interview Dossier. My mother taught me to keep a dossier of the things that were essential to my interviews – questions, answers, and location. This dossier should be used as a study guide minutes before a test. You have done the studying; now, you’re just skimming everything over before the big event.  I still use this tip.

Practicing the above aspects of the job interview will reduce your stress. It’s intimidating meeting new people, especially those who have expectations after hiring you. Like anything else in life, practice makes perfect and preparing for a job interview is not an exception.

Patrick Coughlin is a marketing intern with Consultants 2 Go.