Five Questions Great Job Candidates Have

Job interviews work two ways.  Not only is the employer/interviewer evaluating you, your skills, and what you could bring to their company, but you should also be evaluating them, and deciding whether you really want to work for them.  At the end of almost every interview you will be asked, “Do you have any questions for me?”  Most candidates strive to make themselves look good by asking questions they think the interviewer wants to hear.  However, the candidates that stand out are the ones that ask questions that will help him/her decide if they want to work for a company.  If you are on your way out the door for a job interview, here are a few questions you might want to consider asking.

1. What do you expect of me in the first few months?  This shows that you are ready to make a difference in the company right away, and are not expecting a lot of hand holding.  Additionally, this is also a good test to see if the hiring manager has thought through the expectations of the position and your priorities.

2.  What really drives results for the company?  Knowing where to step in and make an immediate difference will not only help the company continue to succeed but will also help you to succeed.  As an employee, you are an investment to the company and you should be looking to generate a positive return on your salary.

3.  How would you describe the company’s culture?  Learning the company culture will tell you a little about the people that work there, the atmosphere, and the overall dynamic of the company.  As you determine whether the company is a good fit for you, the culture is one of the most important criteria to take into consideration.

4.  What are the pros and cons to working here?  While the interviewer might not get down to the specifics of the best and worst parts of working for the company, asking this will help you dive deeper into the company culture.

5.  In your opinion, what distinguishes this company from its competitors?  Lastly, this will help you learn more about the success of the company, its competitors, and ultimately if it is the best fit for you.

Not all companies are going to be the best fit for you.  Before you head into an interview, decide what you are looking for in your next job.  Having an answer to that will help determine if you and the company are a good match.  While you may be a perfect match for the job description that does not always mean it is the best place for you to work.