A successful salesperson must differentiate him or herself. There are thousands of competitors all trying to get business from the same consumers. When all else fails, these five tips should prove helpful:

Maintain Confidence.  Confidence speaks. Confidence sells and if you don’t make the sale, keep a high level of confidence for the next sale.  Sometimes you are not selling the right product to the right customer; use that loss in sales to better target the customer as there are customers who require your services or product. Not only will you find a customer with a need, but one who appreciates your service.

Relax.  Be professional, but be yourself. A salesperson’s advantage is the relationship building skill. Your relaxed demeanor and attitude counts towards building long lasting relationships. Share topics outside of the product/service dynamic to form a connection. No one wants a high-pressure salesperson. Customers have taken time out of their day to hear your sales pitch or to inquire about your product. Stay relaxed and relate to their unique situation of why they want your product or service.

Do Your Research.  Every top salesperson will tell you that cold calls seldom work and is not the best use of your time. In-depth research allows you to personalize your pitch to match the needs of the customer or client. Demonstrating deep knowledge of the customer’s need will build trust, which is one of the most important ingredients of sales.

Practice Your Delivery.  Practice makes perfect. Practicing your delivery will insure that you have the proper tone and timing when making your sales pitch. Ask an unbiased person if you can practice delivering your message to them so they can give you constructive feedback.  Also, feel free to record your pitch and listen to it to identify key areas of improvement.

Know Your Competition.  What makes your customer purchase from the competitor?  Utilize your competitors’ disadvantages to your advantage.  Ahead of time, compare and contrast your product vs. the competition so you can have clear answers to your customer’s rebuttals. Highlight the benefits of your product/service above competitors and demonstrate how it meet their needs.

Regular usage of the above tips will make them a part of your sales routine and will no longer feel like a pitch – it will just become how you do business.

Patrick Coughlin is a marketing intern with Consultants 2 Go.