Finding Great Candidates on Social Media

The start of the New Year brings new budgets, new goals, and the need for additional employees.  Not only are companies looking for competent talented employees, but employees are looking for exciting progressive companies to build a career.  Often companies and employees go to the standard job boards such as Monster and Career Builder to search for resumes and job postings.  While these job boards may be beneficial, utilizing your (free!) social media accounts can prove to be just as effective.  In an article written by Eddie Lou for the New York Enterprise Report, he outlines a handful of tips for using social media to help you find your best candidates.  Below are just a few:

  1. Go where the job seekers are.  An estimated 14.4 million people in the U.S. have used social media to search for a job.
  2. Build your brand.  Searching for talent on social media helps to build your company brand. Not all of your competitors are recruiting on social networks, so differentiate from those old, stodgy businesses.
  3. Increase business.  A candidate with a large social following knows a lot of people and is generally good at networking.  Depending on what position you are trying to fill, this could be a good indicator that they can help drive customer prospects and business opportunities.
  4. Don’t rely on resumes.  Resumes can be very two-dimensional, offering only work experience and education.  They are sometimes incomplete — or worse, completely fudged.  Social profiles oftentimes show off personality and interests in addition to work experience.
  5. Google their names.  People reveal themselves in so many ways online.  Businesses can find out someone’s persona and interests, or possibly detect unprofessional behavior.  Searching online helps you fill in blanks before you even call someone for an interview.  However, be careful not to use this public information to discriminate against future candidates.
  6. Save money.  Posting on a job board like CareerBuilder or Monster can cost $300 per listing. Large recruiters can leverage social media and social networks virtually for free.

As you can see, social media can be used for much more than just staying in contact with old friends.  Utilizing social networking sites can help you discover a lot more about your candidate than what you learn from their resume.  You can also save money at the same time.  Make sure your social media profile is up to date.

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