Face to Face, Even on the Web

Many people view the Internet as a vast ocean of content with no real author attached to any of it, and thus, no way to deem the information credible or bond with the creator.

Displaying your face in conjunction with content on the Internet can help your small business seem more personal. When clients get to know your face, they’ll associate your image with your business – and they’ll much more readily trust your message and product.

Photo Galleries – For Answering the “Who” Question

You can’t go wrong with posting a few photos of yourself and your team on your website or social media accounts. Customers like to see the people with whom they’re doing business.  If you post photos of your team interacting or using the product or service your company provides, that’s even better.

YouTube and Vine – For Animated Information

Learning a person’s mannerisms and voice can help further the relationship. Displaying videos on YouTube, Vine or another video service can establish dialogue between your staff and your clients. Helpful videos might include:

  • Ways to enjoy your product or service
  • Clips from events your company participated in or sponsored
  • Presentations about company news or new products

Facetime, Skype or Tango – For Personal Conversations

Smartphones, tablets and computers have made it simpler than ever to communicate while viewing a person’s face. If you’ve been relying on the telephone to speak to clients when issues arise, why not try chatting through video? It’s a fun way to get to know clients who may not live in your area. Plus, it shows that your business is modern, accessible and personable.

Google Authorship – For Credible Searching

Business-savvy folks are finally getting the hang of Google’s Authorship benefit. It’s free to sign up, and, if you use Google at all, you probably already have a Google+ account (even if you haven’t posted on it yet). The Authorship option makes it possible to display a headshot and byline with content you share on Google+ — from article links to videos. This means that your potential clients will see your name and face during a search related to your business or product. As a result, your website will get more hits.

Here are a few steps to get started:

  • Activate and confirm your Google+ account. You can do this by visiting the home page for Google and clicking the upper right corner where your account settings are located.
  • Link any content pages, such as your company’s website, to your Google+ page. There’s a spot on the “About” section of your profile to add contributor links.
  • Now, go to your blog, website or any place you post content and link back to your Google+ profile. The way to do this differs for each blog; check for the specific code to embed on your page. Most popular blog hosting sites such as WordPress have Author widgets.

Even online business owners can show their faces to clients. Make sure that you don’t let a little thing like the Internet stand in the way of a personal connection.

Diana Gomez is the Marketing Coordinator at Lyoness America, where she is instrumental in the implementation of marketing and social media strategies for USA and Canada. Lyoness is an international shopping community and loyalty rewards program, where businesses and consumers benefit with free membership and money back with every purchase. Check out Lyoness on Twitter.