EOS Worldwide Tips on Running Effective Meetings

In reviewing some of my notes from a Traction workshop, I clicked on the EOS Worldwide Blog on how to make meetings more effective.  I certainly could use the five tips below and it was a great refresher for me.  Regardless of the type of meeting – whether with my team, my Toastmasters where there is a definite agenda, or just one-on-one meetings at Starbucks – I’m slowly developing this hated habit of being late to meetings, thereby starting and ending my meetings late. My useless reasons range from transportation (unanticipated traffic, road construction work, cannot find parking, flat tire, flight came in late) to other people making me late (a workman or the cable guy showing up at my door to fix something that was scheduled to be fixed the day before, had to drop off/pick up someone, and my favorite…the person I’m meeting is always late so I might as well get there late too so we will be getting there together.)  The result is the same thing – I’m moving from being an on time person to being a late person.

Here are the EOS’ 5 Points That Make a Huge Difference in Running Effective Meetings to get back on track:

1) Same Agenda. Use the same agenda each week. The Level 10 Meeting agenda is simple and effective. It saves time because you won’t need to create a new agenda each week.

2) Same day. Pick a day of the week, and stick to it. If someone is on vacation, the meeting must still go on—don’t change it!

3) Same time. Set your meeting as a recurring appointment in your calendar as well as the rest of your team’s. If your meeting is 9:00-10:30 a.m. every Monday, make sure it’s blocked out on everyone’s calendar every Monday, forever. Plan everything else around this meeting time and treat it with the highest level of importance. Plan customer meetings around this time block.

4) Start on time. You’re paying your team to be there—eliminate frustrations, wasted time, and wasted money from people waiting around for the meeting to begin. All of our clients subscribe to Vince Lombardi’s rule: “Early is on time, on time is late.” Plan to arrive at least five minutes early every week for your meetings.

5) End on time. There is nothing more frustrating than a meeting that never ends. By not ending on time, you’re creating a domino effect for everyone else in the room, potentially throwing off their entire day. Protect your team’s time and give them confidence that they can plan activities right after your stated end time.

Thanks, EOS, for giving us the tools we need to become effective.