Dress For Success

One of the many complexities involved with being a female is how to dress for work. In thought, it seems to be a simple enough concept; however, it is guaranteed that every woman has experienced the frantic mornings where you’ve literally changed your outfit 25 times before running out of the door. There is no denying that our clothing sends a vital message. Like it or not, it is the first thing strangers, co-workers, clients, and customers notice – it is a major part of our “personal brand.”

Below are some general pointers and suggestions on how to ensure that you’re prepped and dressed for success.

  • Sizing: Many women are guilty of possessing a professional wardrobe that is not properly fitted. Clothing is either too loose or too baggy – a problem that is easily addressed with a visit to a neighborhood tailor or department store. Details are important and some employers equate your ability to dress properly with your ability to perform well within the workplace. Dressing professionally is a project within itself as all pieces must be carefully considered.
  • Work Environment: The best way to assess what is appropriate to wear is to simply observe others in your office. What is senior management wearing and what do you think they’d like to see in the workplace? Just as importantly, what is not being worn? Understanding company culture plays a large role in understanding what may or may not be deemed appropriate. People working in the fashion industry dress differently than those working for the federal government.
  • Your “Personal Brand:” This applies to both women and men. A personal brand is your signature or “mark” that communicates your skills, values, and personality. Style of dress is a huge part of this. Even if you have no contact with outside clients, you are leaving an impression on your co-workers and managers.

Fall is just around the corner and now is the perfect opportunity to polish your wardrobe for the upcoming season and year. Keep the above tips in mind and remember to take to time to reflect on your “personal brand” as you move forward with your career.

Jennie Moussa is a Marketing Intern for Consultants 2 Go and student at NJIT.