Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


Today, it is almost impossible to conduct business without the heavy use of digital marketing, thus making digital marketing a high-ranking priority especially for small businesses. Digital marketing offers a unique opportunity that can be invaluable to a small business. It can take the presence of your small business from local to global. Yet, as powerful as it may potentially be, digital marketing must be handled with great care. has a few tips to help you and your small business get started on the right path to successful digital marketing.

  • Clean, Modern Design: Making sure your website has a clear, modern design ensures that you are up to date with best practices and Web standards. Additionally, a clean design means that customers can navigate your website easily without much confusion or too much effort that may send them running for the hills in the direction of another company.
  • Sharing is Caring: Enable share buttons. This allows for readers and customers to easily share your content via their own social media. By doing this, more traffic and potential sales are being directed in the way of your small business. This also gives you the opportunity to not just expand your customer/reader base, but to also keep in touch with your current base and engage them.
  • Pictures are Worth Thousands of Words: If you are already using pictures on your website, that is great. But are you fully utilizing them as best as you can? Keep in mind, images can be results of internet searches. When naming a photo, add a full description or captions that are specific and assist in your images being found by searches. The easier your small business can be found, the better your chances are of having successful sales.
  • Blog It Out: Think about starting a blog for your own small business. A blog is a great way to demonstrate your business’ expertise. It also gives your customers a chance to know your business and its full offerings. A blog can become an identifying mark of your company, therefore making you stand out from your competition.
  • Post-er Beware: Always keep in mind how easily things online can now go viral. One social media or internet blunder can become a scar on the face of your company. Essentially whatever information or image goes online is permanent. Meaning, someone somewhere can find it. Everyone posting on behalf of your company and your employees should all post very carefully.

Digital marketing, when used correctly, can do wonders for your small business. As it lives in the fast changing realm of technology, make sure you and your company are up to date with the latest trends. Successful digital marketing takes collaboration, effort and, of course, work. Yet, when all are aptly applied, you will bear the wondrous fruits of your labor.

Happy and safe digital marketing!

Ashley Morales is a student at Rutgers University and a Marketing Intern with C2G Partners.