Defining Success

I’ve had one common goal in everything that I have done and that is to be successful. Whether it was completing my classwork, participating in a sports game, or even just completing different tasks around the house, if I was going to do something, I wanted to complete it successfully and wholeheartedly. Now as I get older, being successful seems to carry a lot more weight. Completing everyday tasks or going to practice doesn’t make me successful. I have a future to think about in an ever growing competitive business world. Therefore, I wanted to get some input on what success meant to a couple of employees from Consultants 2 Go whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and whom I consider to be great people to get advice from on what being successful means and how I can get to be there.

The three main points I took away from all the advice I was given was:

  1. Your definition of success is going to change. Do not settle with one definition because over the course of time, you’ll need to adjust to different circumstances, different tasks, and different people. Being able to do that in itself will make you successful.
  2. Build relationships. Working as a business consultant means that building relationships is extremely important. You’re going to want to know your clients on a personal basis. It makes the experience more enjoyable not only for the people for whom you are working, but also for yourself. In the end, the job you completed will become more satisfying because you were able to help someone with whom you have a personal relationship.
  3. Never get discouraged. Being successful means being able to get knocked down eight times and stand up nine. You are going to face bumps in the road and your jobs will inevitably become more difficult. When you decide not to give up, and you push through the obstacles in your way, you will be able to say that you are successful.

Alisa Deitz, the Vice President of Business Development at Consultants 2 Go, gave me extremely helpful insight as to what her definition. She said, “My idea about success has evolved. I have always focused on getting the job done. My understanding of that the “job” has expanded over the years. It’s not just about a task or list of tasks. It’s about contributing to the human side of the work environment. People need to feel engaged with purpose and understand the value of the role they play; they need to know they matter as people. So, I now believe that success has as much or more to do with the relationships we have with colleagues, clients, and with whomever we have the chance to interact. This is more challenging than just get a task done, but also more satisfying.”

Bringing over 25 years of business experience to the table and a dozen years of experience at American Express does not come easy. Alisa has worked her way to the top through years of dedication and hard work. I believe that if I take her advice and complete my jobs, build relationships, and allow myself to develop as a human being and as a worker, I will become successful. I might not have a lot of experience in the business world just yet, but being able to make everyone including myself happy, while accomplishing the tasks at hand, sounds exactly like success.

John Marques is a Marketing Intern with Consultants 2 Go and a senior at Drew University.