Daylight Savings Time

DST1 Twice per year, the United States either Spring ahead, or Fall back in certain time zones.  At exactly 2:00am on a Sunday morning, the clock skips ahead one hour to 3:00am.  This is known as Daylight Savings Time (DST).  At some point, we are either ahead of some countries or on the same time with them.  Either way, here are things we hate or love about Daylight Savings Time.

  • We need more light – It’s hard to be energetic when the sun comes up at 9am and goes down at 4pm.  We go to work and come home in the dark.  Sunlight motivates us to do more, and more is better! Right?
  • Energy conservation – We are supposed to use less electricity because we get more natural sunlight – but we don’t.  The lights still stay on.
  • Confusion – we get more light but we are more confused.
    • What is the time of our favorite TV shows?  Not only do I get confused as to the time of shows, I now get confused as to the day!
    • Do animals get confused – Are human beings the only ones who are on daylight savings time?  How do animals know to jump an hour ahead or behind?  Are your children’s biological clocks aware that they should go to bed an hour later?
    • Are we 3 hours ahead of the West Coast or 2 hours?  Now I have to do calculations as to what time it is in other zones.  I need to have a clock for all time zones.
    • Less sleep for the sleep-deprived – statistics say most people in this country suffer from sleep deprivation.  If that is so, why take away an extra hour of sleep?  I’m not sleeping right now because I want to witness the change in time.
    • Are you early or late?  There are people who start their jobs at 2:00am.  In this case, are they considered late for their jobs and get docked, or do they get paid for only 7 hours instead of 8, or for 8 hours when they’ve only worked 7?

These are the things I think about at 1:59am.  Overall, we should just put everyone in the world on the same time and if it happens to be 6pm and light or 10am and dark, we would just deal with it.  I am sure there is a business owner out there who benefits from the change in time (golf courses, beaches, etc.) but they have to deal with the fall back in time which means a loss in revenues. 

Happy dreams…or good morning!  How do you feel about daylight savings time?