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C2G Partners has a specialized team of experts to help our clients advance their marketing initiatives with flexible solutions and significant bottom-line impact. We take a collaborative approach and incorporate your unique objectives and budget requirements to transform your marketing and deliver smart strategies and inspired tactics. Let us work with you and your team to provide powerful creative and unique solutions for online and offline marketing that deliver strong results.


Does your website reflect and promote your brand successfully to your target customers? Is it mobile friendly? Is your outdated website assumed to be dead by search engines? If you need a new website, or it’s time to refresh an outdated one, let the C2G Partners team of digital marketing experts guide you through the process of ensuring your website is supporting your business strategy, with an experience that your potential customers expect. Here are some examples of recent websites that we have designed with our client’s objectives in mind.

Print Materials

Printed marketing materials are still important marketing tools that support your brand and effectively describe your products and services. Brochures, flyers, postcards, presentation materials, posters, banners, etc. can be used for sales meetings, direct mail, or to support events and trade shows. C2G has a team of creative graphic designers and professional copywriters who can turn your vision into cohesive and polished materials that reflects your brand. Here are some examples of our work.

Landing Pages

A successful Landing Page is the best way to turn visitors into leads, and potential customers into paying customers. Typical website visitors don’t convert to closed sales because they hit your homepage instead of a specific landing page that steers them to an offer and through your sales funnel. When website visitors are given targeted content, they are more likely to take the next step, such as filling out a contact form or purchasing your product. If you’re looking to generate more leads, rank higher in search, and overall increase the effectiveness of your marketing offers, then let C2G Partners work with you to develop a winning landing page strategy. Take a look at these landing pages for inspiration.


Video is a powerful way to communicate your value proposition, describe your solutions, and build better relationships with your customers and prospects. Generating leads for the sales team is consistently a top marketing challenge year after year. Are you creating and posting content that drives enough traffic? Do you know what your customers and prospects want to see? Bottom line is that video marketing can boost marketing effectiveness and generate more leads. Videos under 2 minutes are generally the most popular and successful, and more than half of B2B marketers think that video is more effective than any other form of content when converting qualified leads. Take a look at some of the videos our clients are successfully using in their marketing and sales strategy.

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