Can Additional Education Help Your Business?

After years of working on my business and not working in it, I realize there are things that I, literally, do not know how to do.  Many business owners are in the same boat as I.  As we grow our companies, we could not keep up with the skill sets for which we were known as experts.  We’ve hired that talent in house, but sometimes a little knowledge would be good…as well as it might be dangerous.  Can getting some additional education help us in business?

Where do we look?  What types of education should we get?  When will we find time?  Those are all the questions that we immediately ask without exploration.  Here some sources

  1. Application classes. Powerpoint and Excel are staples in the workplace.  If you have not been using these applications to the fullest, you are not doing yourself justice.  It takes longer to create a presentation and you have to send it to an agency, or a 20-something person, for updating.  Some high schools and colleges give free or very low cost classes.  Additionally, if you Google them, you will find hundreds of training centers in your area that are more than willing to help.
  2. Higher level college courses or degrees. If you have been working non-stop since you were out of high school, it is a difficult thing to think about starting college, or going back to college for a higher level education.  Excuses abound!  We have been out of school too long.  We can hire the talent.  We don’t have the time.  There is no better time than now.  An MBA can help you to understand the rationale behind why you are doing things the way you do.  Sound business principles are taught in these program and you can use these skills to propel your business to the next level.  Doctoral programs add cache to the roster of talent in your business as well as gives you the necessary strategic planning and research skills that many of your clients need.  Executive and weekend programs are now standard.
  3. Online classes.  Much of the stigma has been removed from online classes as even Harvard has added online courses to its repertoire.  If you are swamped and cannot leave your office to sit in a classroom, there is an abundance of online courses that you can take right at your desk during the time that you need them.  Technology has been the best aid in brining education to the masses.
  4. Webinars, videos, seminars and podcasts. For quick learning opportunities, the internet is the best place to be.  You can find a YouTube video on just about anything.  Most organizations give free podcasts and live stream all their events for easy participation.  You can then replay these selections at your leisure.  Every aspect of your business can learn from these events.
  5. Self-help, business books and magazines. There are so many business magazines and books about how to do almost anything.  If you cannot take a class, take the time to pick up a book on a topic of interest.  For an instant fix, magazines such as Inc., Fast Company and Entrepreneur gives you much needed advice and has excellent articles.

We owe it to ourselves and to our employees to be our best selves for our businesses.  That means we must strive to always learn new things, by any means necessary.  Innovation cannot take place without constantly and consistently being updated on the latest and greatest technology available to us.  Putting your newly obtained education back into the business can yield untold profits that goes straight to the bottom line.