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April, 2015

Welcome to C2G News! 
We hope you made it through the taxing Winter of 2015 and are now looking forward to Spring! Through it all, at C2G, we had many developments! We are excited to announce the expansion of our team to include an Analytics Head, a VP of Business Development for our Dallas Branch and an HR VP. Building out our team allows us to help our consultants find the right opportunity and gives our clients the right consultant for their project. Please visit our website for opportunities.


We hope you are in the process of accomplishing all that you set out to achieve this year. We wish you all the best in your professional and personal development.

All the best, 

The C2G Team

Consultants 2 Go Expands Core Team

C2G is proud to announce the expansion of our Core Team – Jennifer Klotz is the Vice President of HR, and Caron Hughes is the Vice President of Business Development for the Dallas Branch. Click here to read more.


Consultants 2 Go Launches Analytics Practice
Consultants 2 Go is excited to announce the launch of its analytics practice. Consultants 2 Go’s Head and VP of Analytics Matt Trokey is looking to drive business impact by simplifying insights. Click here to read more.


Meet a C2G Consultant!

Betsy Callas has been a long-term

consultant with C2G, working on a variety of different projects.  Below, you can read a bit more about Betsy, and her experience as a C2G Consultant.


1.How did you hear of Consultants 2 Go?

I was referred to C2G by another C2G consultant. She was raving about her experience with C2G and how wonderful it was to work with everyone. She was right! I have now been working with C2G for almost 4 years, and have since referred several others to the group.  I have been consulting for the majority of my career in the area of integrated marketing strategy, planning and campaign development, across many industries: Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services and Pharmaceutical/Healthcare.  My career started at Kraft/General Foods, which gave me the foundational approach to develop world class marketing for virtually any company. 

2. What types of employment/opportunities have you had with C2G?

I started with C2G working on what was supposed to be a short term consulting contract with Domino Foods, developing marketing programs for their food service business. This 3-month program turned into over 2 years and the role and responsibilities grew and evolved during that time frame into the development of 3year strategic plans and managing several new product launches. I have also worked on short term definitive projects for C2G’s clients again focusing in on developing strategic marketing plans and road maps for implementation. 

3. What do you like about working with C2G?

Working with C2G takes some of the work out of the equation for me. They bring opportunities to me that are a great fit. Having C2G identify and solidify the opportunities allows me to focus on what I really like to do…which is working with the client to develop marketing and strategy solutions that meet their needs.  

4. How has C2G helped you and your career?

C2G has brought opportunities to me to which otherwise I would not have been exposed. They have a great idea of my strengths and are excellent at matching me to the right client whose needs I can fulfill. That makes it a win-win situation for all involved.


Big Data and Government Responsibility



Read how the growing, evolving field of Big Data is changing the way Governments are responding to their citizens.

Interested in Guest Blogging?

Consultants 2 Go invites colleagues, business partners and consultants to be a guest blogger. We cover topics ranging from small business, to marketing, sales, and social media.  If you are interested, please contact Patrick Coughlin at

patrick.coughlin@c2gresourcing.com. You can check out our blog here.

Immediate Opportunities  

Upcoming Marketing and Networking Events   
Below you will find a list of upcoming events and seminars throughout the country that might be of interest to you. Please take a look!
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Featuring Jen Klotz of C2G 

 Jen is the Vice President of Human Resources for the Consultants 2 Go core team and the consultant population. To read more about Jen, please click here.

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