Business Trends for the New Year

For many small businesses, New Year’s is a time for business owners/managers to reflect on their strategy and growth. As small businesses owners, day-to-day operations occupy most of the attention: tending to client demands, filling quotas, and management. However, it is an opportunity for owners to pinpoint areas for business development. To minimize stress and to improve efficiency, apply some of these strategic recommendations to your small business.

1. Social Media/Domain Name
As we enter the digital age, it is crucial for businesses to increase their online presence. Currently, each business, regardless of industry, has its own website or a domain where they can market their products/services. By having a website, it can inform clients or future clients of current activities and of the current products being sold. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are all accounts primarily used by businesses as marketing tools. To manage all these accounts at once, Hootsuite provides social media management that allows the user to manage and measure their media presence without spending much time. In simple terms, it allows the business manager to manage multiple channels all on one network.
2. Create an App or App Integration
The use of an app can simplify group projects and help team communication, allowing better organization. With the use of an app, a business owner can delegate tasks and monitor progress without the need of constant check-ins. It allows seamless collaboration and provides a quicker method to implement strategy. With the creation of an app, a business can market its product to a larger audience and can directly resolve issues without going through a third party. Although it will depend on the need for the app, as a whole it will be a significant benefit.
3. Education
Although there is a lot that can be done to improve the efficiency of the business, small business owners must constantly improve skill-sets to stay ahead of the competitive curve. Certification renewals and further study in accounting, marketing, and other business areas will help an owner make confident strategy decisions. More education can also improve the professional network while developing new skill-sets relevant to the business.

These are only a few of the tips that you can use to kick off your 2016 to a great start. Feel free to add other quick and convenient tools to your portfolio to lighten your tasks as a small business owner.