Business Holiday Gift Items

Every year, we ask the proverbial question.  Our customers are corporations and other business owners, so what should we give them to show our appreciation?  In the corporate world, we have to ensure all gifts are under $25.  Many corporations have a policy where there is no gift giving at all – anything you send to them will get donated to a charity that can use it.  What can a business owner do to cut thru the clutter?

  • Something Digital: Since so many of our clients now work virtually, we do not have their home addresses to send a gift.  Most of our gifts items are digital that can be redeemed online.  Cards such as iTunes or department store cards are excellent and come in small denominations.
  • Give to a Charity. The greatest gift you can give is to donate to a charity that your company and your customers support.  You can find a laundry list of charities at sites like and make your contributions there as well.
  • Gift baskets: We send a basket to thank people who support us during the year – our board, administrative staff, your family and friends.  It lets them know that we are thinking of them.  You can create your own gift basket by purchasing small items that are meaningful to your customers and wrapping them yourself.  You can also purchase gift baskets at Costco or BJ’s.
  • Calendars: Since so many business owners use a Smartphone, you can hardly find a good wall calendar.  Get a theme that you know your customers will like – you can even pick individual calendars to match their interests.  Each time your customer uses the calendar, they will think of you.

Check your business customers’ giving policy before you make any purchases.  Also, check your contract to see if there are any guidelines by which you must adhere.  The holidays is a perfect time to be creative and present a gift that your customers will remember throughout the year.