The Best Place To Work

At the Inc. Business Council’s HR Jag, Jason Lauritsen of Quantum Workplace – one of the creators of the Best Places to Work surveys – discussed the tools to engage your employees. Engaged employees are emotionally connected, over-achieve, promote your business, stay with the company and they are the most productive – and companies with the most engaged employees are the most profitable.

Each individual employee has their own idea of what makes a best place to work. The employees define the criteria of what makes your company a great place to work. At Consultants 2 Go, the top 2 drivers are flexibility in hours and the ability to work virtually. In other companies, employees might like the people with whom they work, as well as the company might be a teaching organization where they always learn.

Consistently, what matters in every best place to work (not necessarily in this order) is always these top 3 items:

  1. Trust in leadership – they must feel confident that the business owners are communicating changes in direction and strategy downwards to the team. Regardless of salary, when people trust that their leaders have their best interest at heart, they will stay on the job.
  2. Feeling valued by organization – every person wants to feel appreciated and that the work that they are doing has value. Ways that you can make your employees feel valued is to recognize the small things that they do to make your office a best place to work. Recognition can be as simple as congratulating that person in front of the team.
  3. Career development opportunities – most employees can embrace change when they understand the impact to their careers. If they know that they are adding skill sets to their resumes, they will feel a lot better when it is time for the career development discussion. However, if they feel their current job does not enhance their resume and they cannot take anything that is learned elsewhere (think about highly customized technology systems), they will leave.

Employee retention increases when the above three points are at play.

Ask your employees if they feel your business is a “best place to work” organization. There are several surveys that you can take. Crain’s NY has a current award for “best place to work” for companies in the NY area. Apply at Even if you do not win, it is worth reviewing your organization for “best place to work” practices.