Attracting Talent to a Small Company

Many talented individuals choose to work for large corporations over small and/or entrepreneurial companies.  Big companies have inherent advantages over smaller companies – they are usually more established, can offer higher salaries and a more generous benefits package.  Working for a large corporation isn’t always the best thing for a career.  Plenty of corporations have consistent employee turnover and layoffs.  Great employees are looking for an environment where they can grow, form close relationships, and make a significant and lasting impact – all things that they can find in a small business.  Below are a few tips to help attract and maintain loyal, engaged and talented employees to your small company.

  • Define the job position.  Make sure the job description outlines the specific criteria for your ideal candidate.  Be precise and clear regarding what you are looking for in a candidate.  Also, be sure to highlight your company’s culture and any opportunities for growth within the company.
  • Refining the interview process.  Once you narrow down your job candidates, prepare yourself for the interview.  Not only is the candidate selling themselves to you, but you need to sell the company and convince them why they should work for you.  Many job candidates may have other opportunities on the table so it is important to attract them to the benefits and opportunities of your company.
  • Form close relationships.  Working for a small company gives you the opportunity to form close relationships with your employees on a personal and business level.  Take the time to get to know your employees, their specific needs and their best practices for working efficiently.
  • Be transparent.  In a small company, it is easy to share quarterly financial updates and bottom line numbers.  This helps your team understand their individual impact on the company and the critical role of every employee.  It is important for employees to know how beneficial they are to the company and how their work directly impacts the success of the business.
  • Communicate and be consistent.  Have an open line of communication and establish trust with your employees.  Listen to their needs and offer your assistance and guidance.  Also, be consistent; when you make a commitment with them, follow through.  When you say you’ll do something, do it.  This shows respect and loyalty to your employees.     

Finding the right candidate can be difficult.  Make sure to target the right audience and create a compelling business case by including the advantages to working for a small business, becoming a part of your company culture, and the various opportunities for growth.