The ACADEMi of Life

Per the website, “The ACADEMi of Life (TAOL) is a social enterprise and a place of higher learning offering a fascinating look at human nature through discussions of life’s big questions around love, family, work, money, existence, and living. The purpose of The ACADEMi of Life is to deliver meaningful events to stimulate thinking, to deepen our lives and our understanding of ourselves, making the world a better place. It’s where people come to talk about the things they care about, the things that matter most in life that they did not learn in school.”  I simply go there to participate in a dialogue or simply to listen to a topic that is not discussed every day.  ACADEMi events give me a different perspective on the same old questions.

Shirley Moulton, founder of TAOL, has been bringing these enlightening events to NYC and I take full advantage of them whenever I can.  I have a choice of intimate conversation dinners, movies, classes/workshops or well-picked speakers on a fairly regular basis. Past and future events include:

  • Andrew Solomon. For Veteran’s Day, Mr. Solomon shared his findings on being different in a society that values being normal.  He spent eleven years interviewing hundreds of families, exploring how they grew stronger or fell apart while coping with raising children who were profoundly different.  He shared his results with an auditorium of people that included mental illness experts across a broad spectrum of society.
  • Self 101: The Path to Happiness:  The Self 101 Class, to be delivered in February 2015, explores the answers to these questions through a self-evaluation process. You will learn that a better world begins with a better you.
  • Money and Life: I watched the most fascinating film on our relationship with money.  The film was directed, produced and edited by Katie Teague, an independent documentary filmmaker.  Sample questions that are asked in the film are:  1) How much does money rule our lives?  And, 2) what is the cost to our social well-being, to our psychological and spiritual health?  I might not have answers, but it made me start investigating my relationship and history with money.

If you have never attended this NYC gem of events at The ACADEMi of Life, please visit their website at to find out more about them.  Hope to see you there.