An 8-Week Framework to Get the Most From Your Sales Team

How effective is your Sales Team onboarding process? David Ly Khim provides an excellent framework that can be tailored to your company, products and sales process in his blog about getting the most from your sales team. The length of your onboarding program is key – too short or too long can easily lead to missed opportunities, particularly when the average tenure of a new sales representative is just over a year. And it’s not over when the onboarding program is complete – he quotes that “sales reps retain 15-20% of anything they are told during onboarding.” An upfront investment in ensuring that your sales team has the tools and knowledge they need can lead to greater success for your sales people and your company – both in the short-term and in the long-run.

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The tenure of an average sales development rep is 14.2 months. That’s just a little over a year. How do you optimize the time they’re with you?

Imagine you hired a new sales rep that starts today and you have to ramp him/her up to achieve full quota. How long will that take? Two months? Three? That leaves you with 12 months to go.

That allows for a year of hitting full quota — assuming the rep is a rockstar salesperson who understands your product, company, and team from the start.

But in reality, that salesperson very likely won’t be a rockstar right from the beginning. He/she will need the appropriate training and coaching. Salespeople need to be effectively onboarded into the company to understand your product, your sales process, your sales stack, and become acquainted with their sales team and manager.

If that information isn’t presented and readily available within the first few weeks, it’s going to be a rocky ride. New salespeople won’t be able to perform their best because you haven’t armed them with the knowledge to do so. They may not be integrated with their team because you haven’t created a process to build camaraderie among reps. He/she might even end up leaving before the 14.2 months are over.

Now, imagine if every rep you hired had the potential to become a top performer, but it was up to you to tap into that potential. The key to doing that is to have an efficient and effective onboarding process in place.

Don’t waste your sales reps’ potential. Make sure they’re trained to sell.

Maggie Melnick is the VP of Business Development for Consultants 2 Go.