Holiday Party Conduct

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we are officially in the Holiday Season.  This is a fun time of year with many festivities and, chances are, your company will have a Holiday Event.  Take this time to reacquaint yourself with proper Holiday conduct.

  1. Ask About the Dress Code – If the event is at work, you will already be in your professional attire. If it is immediately after work, the same applies but you can bring a change of shirt for a more festive look.  Do not wear ripped jeans and/or a sleeveless shirt to your office party.  Of course, this depends on your company so ask someone in your HR department about the dress code.
  2. “Plus One” – The holiday party may just be for you and your team. Inviting people outside of the group can cause others to feel awkward.  When in doubt, check with your Human Resources Department, or your manager, to see if a “plus one” is alright.
  3. Don’t Feel Obligated to Stay the Entire Time – Some events are during business hours but for events outside of those hours, do not feel obligated to stay the entire time. Stop by for a half hour before going to your other obligations. If the party is during business hours, you may still have work to do, so stop by, eat, be friendly, then you can finish working. If leadership takes note of who is attending the party, ensure that you get some face time before you leave.
  4. One Drink, Maybe Two – Getting loopy or drunk at holiday parties is probably one of the worst things that can happen to you. Even if you don’t say or do anything offensive, if it is very apparent that are above your drink limit, it invites rumors and gossip.  If your company serves alcohol at their party, try to nurse one drink the entire time. Another tip is to order something you do not like as it encourages you to sip.  If you feel you must have something in your hand to be social, order ginger ale or cranberry juice in a wine glass.
  5. What Happens at the Office Party DOES NOT Stay There – You will be held accountable for anything you say or do at the Holiday Party. Yes, it is time to relax, but do not to encourage insensitive jokes or nasty comments about coworkers.  The company code of conduct is still very much in effect during the holiday party.

The Holiday party is a time to celebrate your team’s accomplishment during the year.  Be cognizant of your reputation and remember to be considerate of your colleagues’ time and, most important, feelings.  Enjoy the holidays!

Patrick Coughlin is a Marketing Analyst at Consultants 2 Go.