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July, 2017

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Summer is so-o short! If you love the eight weeks of warm weather, you waited for this time to take advantage of outdoor activities with your family and friends.  It is a time of outdoor cafés, company picnics in the park, going home from work while there is still light outside – super special if you are in the Northeast! Of course, there are the few who cannot stand the beach, dislike sweating and anything hot.  Please allow us summer birds our time as winter will be here shortly.    
Enjoy this issue as we introduce new team members, deliver new opportunities and new events to attend thru the end of the year. Happy Beaching until we see you in the Fall!
Sandi Webster & Peggy McHale
Managing Directors
C2G Partners 
C2G Partners Sponsors October NYPAY Event – “Retail’s Drive to Digital-Tools and Tactics”
With digital sales growing at twice the pace of physical stores, and one company accounting for more than 40% of e-commerce sales, retailers know more than ever where the future lies.  But how to address it?  Mobile is a must, but what functions do you include? Payments, certainly, but what else? And what kind of analytics do you need to be successful?
Join NYPAY and C2G Partners for a wide-ranging discussion of this critical topic. Panelists will include data scientist Ozgur Dogan, Chief Solutions Officer at C2G Partners (and formerly CMO of Turkey’s leading e-commerce platform), a representative from Mastercard and others to be announced. More information and registration here.  
This year, C2G Partners is celebrating our 15th year in business. Previously named Consultants 2 Go, Peggy McHale and Sandi Webster carved out a niche business providing top-notch marketing and analytic consultants to Fortune 500 and mid-size companies. During the past fifteen years, we have:
  1. A new President and CEO, Patrick Hennessy
  2. The best consultants in the business
  3. Expanded our analytics practice
  4. Won numerous awards like Inc. 500| 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list, Stevie Award, and EY Finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year
  5. Expanded our client roster from Financial Services and Telecom to Insurance, CPG, Healthcare and others
  6. Received mention in magazines including Fortune, on the cover of Money Magazine, Forbes and Essence
  7. Supported our community by mentoring at local schools
We are grateful for the many blessings we have received and that we have been able to give back to others, either thru employment or support.  We wish C2G Partners 15 more years of success!


Meet a C2G Consultant
 Marcie Wiehagen has been a long-term consultant with C2G, working on a variety of projects. To learn more about Marcie and her experience with C2G read below.
1.  How did you hear about C2G Partners?
It was about 2 ½ years ago when I first learned of C2G Partners. Another consultant and I had traded opportunities previous to discussing C2G.  I became interested when he said he was unable to take a project. I had worked as an independent consultant for 7 years and I didn’t know what to expect with an agency.  During the initial phone call,  the professionalism of the C2G contacts helped me understand their value and their unique position within the client organization. That phone call led to my first project with C2G. 
2. What types of employment/opportunities have you had with C2G?
I have a well-rounded background in marketing with creative and quantitative experience. The roles I have had with C2G leverage my prior experience in CRM, in brand and in project management. I had a CRM engagement that involved (mass!) quantities of data for a luxury goods company and currently, I am in a project management role for a large brand conversion project for a financial institution. Both organizations were familiar with the breadth of my experience before I met with them.  I felt the clients were familiar with my value prior to meeting me and I attribute that to how well C2G positioned me, background and how effectively they helped to facilitate my role for each client.
3. What do you like about working with C2G?
I recognized the strengths of C2G from my initial conversations and as I continue to work with them, I see many advantages. The advantages include how well C2G builds and enhances the relationship with the client companies, as well as their involvement with the consultants.  It is refreshing and helpful to have C2G as a resource for me and my role, and to know that C2G is a resource for the client organization also.  The people at C2G are responsive, personable and they understand all the skills it takes to perform well as a consultant in a large organization. The C2G newsletter, face-to-face gatherings and conference calls bring everyone together in a way that makes me feel like I’m part of the C2G community of consultants.
4. How has C2G helped with your career?
In my work as a consultant, I felt like I was navigating alone as I moved from project to project.  C2G provides me with resources that I didn’t have as an independent consultant.  I am truly appreciative of their role as my champion and how that has impacted my success.


C2G To Make Strides Against Breast Cancer  
C2G Partners is participating in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk for the ninth consecutive year. We are very proud of this and hope you are too. This year, we selected a new team name. This name will be used for all facets of this event including fundraising, apparel and our walk/run team name.

We are excited to announce that our new team name is: C2G Partners For A Cure. By clicking on the team name, you will be sent directly to our team’s Making Strides event homepage where you can donate, join the team and access more event information. In addition, as we are a team, gear has been selected to wear on the day of the event. The items we have selected that you can purchase are: 




“We look forward to seeing you at this amazing event.  C2G has two teams on October 15th – one in Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY and another in Point Pleasant, NJ.  You can join a C2G team at a Making Strides walk location near you regardless of state, either on the same or different date representing C2G. (Click here for additional event locations/dates.)”





 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing,

 Susan Gunelius, (2017 July), 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing, Entrepreneur Magazine





Leveraging the power of content and social media marketing can help elevate your audience and customer base in a dramatic way. It’s vital that you understand social media marketing fundamentals.  Abiding by these 10 laws will serve your bottom line.

Click here to read more.

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C2G Partners invites colleagues, business partners and consultants to be a guest blogger. We cover topics ranging from small business, to marketing, sales, and social media. If you are interested, please contact Ashley Morales at ashley.morales@c2gpartners.com


You can check out our blog here.

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