2013 – Year in Review

It is already the fifth day of January!  How did that happen?  It seems like it was December yesterday.  It’s a perfect time to look at the things that happened last year.

  1. How was business?  The year started slowly but really picked up towards the end to give us a near-record year!  It was very scary in first quarter since the phone hardly rang, but it made up for it Q4.  From speaking to quite a few people, that was the pattern last year.  Hopefully, it does not repeat itself in 2014.
  2. Welcome new staff members!  We were blessed to find some amazing people in 2013 who agreed to join the C2G team.  At the same time, team members switched roles to take advantage of their expertise…junior team members graduated to consulting roles.  Congratulations
  3. We made the Inc. 500|5000 list again.  It’s so nice to be recognized when you work hard and the Inc. people are fantastic at giving recognition to small business owners who are doing the hard work to grow their businesses.  Thank you, Inc., for giving us a goal to which we work towards.
  4. There are numerous things we didn’t get done because it’s impossible to do everything.  I’m sure you are also looking at your list and saying the same thing – I applaud you if you got it all done so you need to tell me how.  For example, when we’re in our day-to-day work mode, it’s difficult to think about working with others in a strategic way.  Only in the slow moments to we have time to think. My goal this year is to take time to think strategically so we can execute in the slow moments.
  5. Look forward.  The year is just beginning so let’s think about what we want to do next year.  It forces us to think about what we want to do this year to make next year work for us.

Thank you to all our clients, partners, vendors, team, family and friends for giving us inspiration, patience, help and hard work during 2013.  We appreciate you.  We look forward to working together again in 2014.